General Obedience

Obedience is more than just knowing a command.  For example if you tell your dog to lay, the dog lays and then gets back up 3 seconds later, your dog knows commands but isn’t obedient.  We focus on getting the dog to look to us for direction, rather than every decision being an impulsive decision.  Jumping on people, reactivity, barking, and aggression are just some things dogs do impulsively.  We teach the human how to establish boundaries and hold the dog accountable to those boundaries.  That is how we address the behavior issues that so many people deal with.  We utilize the commands that the dog knows already or learns in training to establish those boundaries.


Our general training program typically takes 5 sessions.  We meet once a week. We work on walking, sit, down, stay, place, come, leave it, eye contact, prong collar, e-collar as well as the concepts of can't eat until released, can't come out of the crate until released, can't greet people at the door, and can't bolt out the door until released. If you are dealing with any type of behavioral issues, it might take additional sessions. Many of the behavioral issues are pretty quick to fix and may not need any additional time because they may work themselves out with the obedience training.


Consider our training a train the trainer. We work with you and your dog to teach the command/concept and then between sessions you work on getting more reps in. It can take upwards of 100 reps to get the dog to understand what we are teaching, but another 300 reps for the dog to be solid in the command. Obviously we can't complete that all in a 1 hour session.


We do not start general obedience training with dogs that are less than 20 weeks old. Their attention span and focus is limited at that age. They usually can't hold focus for an hour session.  If you have multiple dogs in the household and want to train more than one dog, the way we do it is start training one of the dogs, once done with one dog we start the next dog if necessary.  The reason we only do one dog at a time is it is the owners responsibility to work with their dog daily to get the repetitions in of what is being learned.  People struggle with getting in the time with just one dog, so focusing on one dog will be more successful than trying to do multiple dogs at the same time.  Also since this is a train the trainer type training, some owners are comfortable moving forward on their own with the second dog.  If not, we can start the second dog right after the first.


We charge $500 for the program.  The first three sessions are at our facility, we do a session at your home, and then a field trip to some stores. We do require that you pay ½ down to get on the waiting list and the remainder on the first session. If we go over 5 sessions, you can pay per session after that.    


There are several tools that you will need for our program. Treat bag, clicker, prong collar, and an e-collar. If you don't have any of these tools, you can purchase them all at KT Animal supply on Main St. Approximate cost is $300 if you need them all.

The training along with the tools will completely change your relationship with your dog. You can include them in far more activities when you setup the boundaries and rules and they understand it, which is what we accomplish through the training.


We do all training sessions on Monday through Thursday, day and evenings.  Let me know if you would like to discuss this further, or would like to get scheduled. We are working from a waiting list which is about 3 weeks out at this time, if you are interested we will want to get you on the list ASAP.


I am regularly putting out information like tips and tricks on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elevatecanineacademy. You can follow that if you would like to see those tips of information when they come out.

Reactivity/aggression group class

Reactivity and aggression are two common things that people deal with when it comes to their dog.  Reactivity can be as simple as a dog that gets over excited at the sight of other dogs or people.  This usually turns into bad behaviors like barking or jumping on people.  Or worse, into aggression towards other dogs or people.  That is where we come in.  We host sessions with upwards of 8 dogs at a session that all have reactivity/aggression.  The owner takes what they learned in the general obedience program, and apply it in the group environment.  We do require that anyone that comes to our reactivity/aggression group class to have gone through our general obedience program first.  It is in that program that we teach you what to watch for in your dog’s behavior that leads to reactivity, what tools to use,  and how to use the tools to correct the behavior to stop it.  This is a 3 session program.  The cost is $200 for the 3 sessions.

Day training program

Our day training program takes the pressure off of the owner to get the repetitions in to get the dog solid at obedience.  The dog comes to our facility Mon-Fri at approximately 8 AM, and stays with us until somewhere between 3-4 PM, for 2 weeks.  When the owner picks up the dog, we go over what the dog learned that day and work with the owner to establish boundaries, and how to hold the dog accountable, for about 15 minutes at each pickup.  We can get a dog solid at obedience, but if the owners don’t hold the dog accountable to the rules, the dog will revert back to where it started.  It is very important that we take the time with the owners to teach them what they need to do to maintain the training.  Each day the dog gets approximately 1.5 hours of one-on-one time, and then the remainder of the session they are working on impulse control through group activities like holding a down when other dogs are training or are playing fetch.  Our facility offers us a unique ability to expose the dog to other dogs, and we have significant foot traffic right outside our facility throughout the day.  This allows us to get exposure to the dog to being around a significant amount of people. 


The things we work on are


The cost is $1,500 for the 2 week program.  This provides approximately 70 hours of training time for the dog, or works out to under $22/hr of training time.  As a reference our one-on-one obedience program is $500 for 5 sessions, or $100/hr.  There is also some equipment you would need to purchase, a prong collar and an e-collar,  Approximate cost is $280.  KT animal supply on Main carries this equipment.  If you aren't able to get to KT animal supply we also carry all of the equipment and can sell it to you on your dog's first day.

Puppy training group class

The topics we cover are potty training, crate training, walking, sit, down, place, and stay.  This is a 3 session program, we meet once a week for three weeks.  The cost of the class is $200.  We will only run a puppy class if we have a minimum of people that would like to do the class.