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Day Training program

Day Training is our best program for dealing with behavior issues such as reactivity, aggression, and anxiety, or you don't have the time to put into the dog. Think of it as a 10 day doggie day care, except we are training.

General Obedience

General Obedience is a more cost friendly program, where you meet with a trainer for 1 hour a week, for 4 weeks.

Reactivity/Aggression Group Class

This program is for people that have been through our General Obedience program, but want real world scenarios to practice what is learned in General Obedience.

Puppy training group class

Our puppy class is for dogs between 10-17 weeks old. This covers the basic issues of dealing with a young pup.

Virtual training program

This is a training program designed for people who live too far away from our facilities to attend in person.

Obedience Refresh 1 Week

If your dog has been through one of our training programs, but it is time to brush up on obedience, this is the program designed for those humans/dogs.

Single session intro

This is a single session program, where we cover many of the basic commands. Think of it as a introduction to training.

Post Day Training Group Session

This group class is designed for dogs that have completed the Day Training program, to allow the owner an opportunity to work their dog around other dogs in a group setting, and apply what they have learned.  This is a single session class.  The cost to attend this class is $100, or free for clients that have completed the post training questionnaire and a Google review.